How to Deal with being Bullied

Sadly many people are victims of bullying, from young children to grown adults. Most people are likely to be bullied at some point in their life, whether it is mild or severe, physical or mental. No matter how big or small the bullying is, it is essential to put a stop to it and seek help. Being a victim of bullying is painful and it can seem like a dark and lonely time, however, there is help and support. Dealing with being bullied can stop the on-going pain and torture, and it can help to prevent it from happening to someone else.

Here is a guide on how to deal with being bullied:

What is bullying?

Bullying comes in different forms of either emotional or physical abuse. Emotional bullying constitutes taunting the victim, name calling, spreading rumors, threatening behavior, teasing and making the victim feel scared. Physical bullying includes hitting, kicking, and intentionally hurting the victim. Bullying is making another person feel uncomfortable, victimized and scared. Intentionally hurting someone physically or emotionally no matter how big or small is bullying, which can cause long term emotional damage.

Why am I being bullied?

Anyone can be bullied, without any real reason. Oftentimes it is a case of just being there. The bully doesn’t need a reason; they just need a target, a victim. The most important factor is realizing that it’s not your fault and you don’t deserve to be bullied. Far too often victims continue to be bullied, as they believe it’s their own fault. Bullies will pick on anyone, no matter how quiet and reserved or popular a person is. Anyone can be targeted and victimized for no real reason at all. Bullies mainly want to feel important and powerful.

How to deal with being bullied

The first course of action is to recount your strengths and believe in yourself. Don’t let the bully win. Regain composure and take a deep breath ready to face the problem. Confide in someone you trust, however, if this proves difficult, phone a bullying helpline. There are many organizations that can help and give the guidance, confidence and support needed to help deal with bullying. Seeking help is the first step in dealing with the problem. Parents, teachers or close friends can give support and help to implement strategies to stop the bully. It can be difficult to turn to someone, especially when scared. Be strong, and seek help and support, the sooner, the better.

Stand up to the bully

One way to deter and stop a bully is to stand up to them. Not by fighting back or resorting to their level of mean behavior. Instead, avoid the bully at all costs where possible. As well as standing tall and showing no fear. Bullies want a reaction, and they thrive on the power it gives them. By giving no reaction the bully may become confused and bored. Take away the satisfaction by showing a no fear blank stance, as this can throw the bully off. Standing proud and tall and no longer being afraid gives you the power and puts you in the strongest position. The bully will come to realize that they no longer have control.

Show no fear

Ignore the bully, and show no feelings. Taking away the fear and reaction can stop a bully. Simply because they don’t expect the victim to stand up and fight back. Not giving a reaction and walking away is a good way to deal with a bully. Have the power and confidence to stop the bullying. It is painful and scary to be bullied, and just as scary to stand up to the bully. However, by confronting the problem and taking the power back the pain can end. A bully needs to feel power and gets satisfaction from the reaction they get. Take the power away by being strong and showing that you don’t care.

Find power and confidence

Being bullied can take away a person’s confidence, and make them feel worthless. This gives the bully more power and control over their victim. To avoid being bullied, and to put a stop to it, it is essential to build on your confidence. Having confidence and good self-esteem gives power and self-belief. To boost confidence make yourself feel good inside and outside. Firstly, take care and pride in your personal appearance. Look your best to boost confidence. Next, start a new sport that can build on your physical health and strength. Getting in shape and looking good is a great way to become confident.

The bully always loses

Believe it or not, the bully always loses in the end. In fact, they get their comeuppance sooner or later. It is important to remember that their power cannot last, because they can be stopped. Eventually the bully will become bored, or the victim can take a stand and put a stop to it. Ultimately the bully can be stopped. Once a bully has been identified, help can be given to change their behavior for the better. Remember, the bully always loses. Knowing this can give the power to make a stand and take the power back.

Bullies like to feel in control, and are relentless unless stopped. The more people are able to deal with being bullied, the easier it can become to stop and reduce the amount of bullying cases. No one deserves to be bullied, everyone deserves to live happily and feel safe. Put a stop to bullying and take control of the situation. Find the strength and confidence from within to get help and stop the bully. Stand tall, and take action against bullying.