How to Deal with being Bullied

Not everyone can be the most popular kid in school. More importantly, not every kid actually wants to be the most popular kid in school. Many kids are just content to be themselves and not trying so hard to fit into a particular “clique”. Some kids get the utmost respect for that from their peers, while others become the next victim of bullying. All too often, especially in recent news, we have heard of kids taking their own lives because they’d been bullied and couldn’t take it. However, that is not the answer. There are other ways to deal with being bullied.

Tell someone else

The hardest and probably most unpopular way to deal with being bullied sounds relatively simple, but for most kids it is not. However, it is the smartest route to take when you are being bullied. You must remember that sometimes you cannot deal with the burden of being bullied alone. More times than not, no matter how you try to tell yourself otherwise, the situation is bad enough where you need to tell someone. If it has not reached that level of severity, it will. You need to tell someone before it is too late. Tell your parents, a teacher, a trusted mentor. Just tell someone and maybe they will be able to help you.

Be confident of who you are

When a bully taunts you, you must try to remember that they are lacking something in their own lives. Their reasons for teasing you probably aren’t solely because they don’t like you, but because they don’t like something about themselves and are even jealous of you. You may have something that they don’t, or you may deal with things better than they do and they are jealous of that. Bullies always target the “different” kids, but what they don’t count on is the kid embracing the fact that they are different. Not all kids like blending into the crowd. Be confident and proud of who you are. At the end of the day, it’s your opinion of yourself that matters, not theirs. Eventually, if they realize they are not getting a rise out of you or shaking you up, they may leave you alone.

Control your own actions

It sounds cliched, but you must remember that it gets better. Bullies don’t stick around forever. They either grow out of it and realize they’ve been cruel and unfair to their peers, or eventually they just get bored. No one can control another person’s actions, unless you get a teacher or their parents involved, of course, but you can control your own. If bullies realize they are not getting the desired reaction out of you, they will move on and leave you alone. As life coach Tony Gaskins Jr. once said, “Life is too short to waste it on fools! Don’t stoop to their level. Make them step up to yours!”