How to Decorate a School Locker

At high school, there is one place that is decidedly your own: your locker. So why not make it truly yours and decorate it to reflect your personal style?  There is a myriad of super easy, inexpensive, DIY decorations to make your locker truly pop!

The first thing you want to do is check your school rules to see what is allowed as far as decorating lockers.  Some schools give you free rein, while others restrict things like stickers and tape.  No matter what your school rules say, there are a lot of awesome decorating choices you have.

For those of you who school could care less about your lockers, stickers are great way to go. They show your personality and style very easily with minimal space.  You could support your favorite sports team, band, or movie.  Love butterflies?  Prove it by adorning your locker walls with stickers and photos of their beautiful wings.  Are you in your friend BFF’s?  Show your love by taping up pictures of your favorite moments that are sure to make you smile every time you open your locker.

Can’t use tape or stickers?  No problem!  Almost every locker is made of metal, which means that magnets work perfectly to display your photos and stickers.

There are also a bunch of other things you can add to your locker to make it one of the kind.  Buying a small shag rug or making one using a latch hook kit can create softness and a feeling of cozy warmth in your locker.  Hanging strings of beads for pom-poms from your locker ceiling adds a really unique 70’s feel.  You can even cover the back wall of your locker with a mirror to make finding small things a lot easier.  One quirky take on the mirror trick is to cover your back wall with a shiny side of unwanted CDs.  It’s a great way to both find stuff and show your appreciation for music.

But not all your decorations have to be strictly about showing your style.  There are a lot of great magnetic organizers you can place right on your locker wall to store pens, pencils and other school supplies. There are a lot of other locker organization products out there, like hooks and shelves, that can make your locker seem very organized and beautiful.

Just because your locker in that school is filled with books and papers doesn’t mean it can’t be a reflection of your personality.  Take advantage of the space and make it represent who you are.