How to do better in High School

Do you envy the classmate who gets A’s and still has time for sports and dates?  There is a way to enjoy your life and still get top-notch marks you want in high school.  If you’ve come to this page, you’re most likely struggling in school or eager to do better.  Luckily, there’s four BASIC tips for you to follow in order to reach your goal.  Remember, you don’t need to hit the books 24/7 to get the grades you want.

The first, most important thing to do is decide how much you need to improve.  If you’re getting 60s, you might strive to improve by 15 percent.  If you’re already in the 80s, maybe you’re be hoping for that extra bump to the 90s.  Be realistic.  Write it down on paper.  Stick by the number.  By setting a goal, you’re giving yourself initiative and a set object to work towards.  A number is a great way to see how much more you need to improve.

Next, plan to study at least 15 minutes more every day, as a minimum.  Though this sounds short, that’s almost 2 extra hours every week.  It’s a no-brainer that re-reading information a few extra times will help you retain knowledge.  The additional study minutes will give you that extra edge you need to excel on your next test.

After you’re doing studying on your own, many people find it beneficial to form a study group.  You can brush up on notes that you’re missing and get classmates’ opinions on the school work.  Try to find students that are doing better than you, so you can learn a thing or two.  Call up friends you know are studious-even one friend is enough.  The last thing you want is inviting the wrong people over and watching your study group turn into a party!  When done properly, sharing information can also be a confidence booster for you.

If you know you are doing badly in a subject or two, get help right away.  If you wait, you will soon find a mountain of work to catch up on.  Seek out options you have at your high school.  Talking to the teacher and setting an appointment is the best way to get started.  Your school may also have free peer-tutoring programs where you are paired with an older student who is familiar with the material.  They can help you learn the stuff, and you can make a friend in the process!  If all else fails, there are many private tutors and programs out of school that are designed to get you the help you need.  Don’t be shy and take matters into your own hands-Get help! 

With good work and perseverance, follow these tips to climb your way up the academic ladder!