How to do better in School

School is a huge part of most of our lives, it does not just provide us education, but also a reputation made from grades. Many students believe their lives depend on their grades, and others simply may not even care about how well they do. Students comes in many form – Shy and nerdy, too cool for school, the “Perfect” grade achiever and social being, the ladies’ man, hot attractive girls, perverted, and jocky. Many of the shy students tend to look up to a certain figure, imaginary or real. Some may want to be a “Perfect” student; others may want to be the ladies’ man. This makes them try too hard either socially or academically, which in most of time results in more negative than positive outcomes. Instead they should want to walk their own path, find time to relax and time to study. This guide will help you find the perfect balance between grades and your social life.

Many students are affected greatly by unkind comments from others, causing them to focus on unimportant problems instead of class. These comments may be hurtful on purpose, or just an overblown joke. Anyhow the victims of these words need to either let themselves be unaffected, or take care of it. The shy or the hardcore grade extremist in this case need to take traits from the “too cool for school” kids, letting themselves to not care too much about others opinion and even their grades. This allows them to acquire consciousness, free their mind and concentrate on their work. If you are the type who cannot “let the words fly past”, make sure you do not react towards the person immediately. People in anger are less mindful of their actions; many times they will regret what they did earlier. Bullies wants you to fight them, therefore they want to take you down with their useless lives. Make sure that you do not act violently, talk it out or tell them to just get a life (if talking it out did not go so well). If you do fight however, make sure you win, do not get in trouble and publicly embarrass the bully. If he or she is a friend, then you can be sure it is either a joke, a serious statement for you to know, or something said in anger. If they are smirking, do not take them seriously, if they look like they want to kill someone or cry, let it go, and if it is serious, listen carefully and say you will keep it in mind.

For students with crap grades who want to improve, start by keeping up with good habits. Instead of sleeping or talking to friends in class, listen to what the teacher has to say, take the notes he or she tells you to, do your work in class. To make sure you can achieve this, sleep early (as early as possible unless it is 9 o’clock). To sleep early, do every homework set for you on the day it was given, do not watch movies or play video games on weekdays. On the day the test was announced, spend at least twenty minutes everyday to revise for the test (for each subject). On the day before the test, do an overview of all you need to know and have someone test you. These simple tips are easy to do, but hard keep up, to help with this keep a note to tell you when you need to sleep, how much you need to revise and all the homework you need to finish.   

School is not just about grades, your sports and leadership are important. Even if they aren’t your type, you have to push yourself to step forward. If you suck at every sport, choose any of the team to join, keep positive, put your heart in the training, treat the sport with respect and you can gain respect from your teammate. Good clubs to start for leaderships are volunteer clubs, charity clubs and environmental clubs. These practice your communication with your group members and strangers you’ve never met.     

Keep in mind that school is just practice for your future, do not treat it like your life, but put your heart in it and keep positive. Achieve a good grade for the subjects you like should be a goal, but getting As for every subject is not needed. Make sure for your less important subjects you show respect and effort. Treat your mental and physical health highly, keep fit, stay away from too much junk food and keep good habits and daily routines.