How to Find a Good Science Fair Project

Science fairs are the dread of many a parent, myself included. I remember my children bringing those papers home, announcing that the yearly science fair was coming up and getting that sick feeling in my stomach, knowing that this was not an assignment for the children alone. They were bringing this paper to me because they themselves had no idea what to do…as if I did. Some parents are lucky enough to have students who are inclined towards science, but if your children are like mine and are bringing you that paper, the following ideas of where to look for a good science fair project idea may help you out.


Your local library will have an entire section of books that is dedicated to the subject of science. Within these books, there will be some that have science fair project instructions, and there may even be some entire books that are solely filled with them. Not only can you find books in the library, but the librarians themselves can also be treasure troves of ideas and information. Be sure and ask for any assistance that he or she may have the time, and be willing, to give you.


When I was raising children, I was not fortunate enough to have the whole world at my fingertips, where a stroke of the keyboard could give me huge storehouses of information about anything I wanted to know. Today’s parents and students, however, are very fortunate in that they can simply do a Google search for “science fair projects” and come up with many ideas. You can even get more specific, adding in the grade level of your student or what you would like the primary subject or material to be.

Science Fairs

There may be other schools in your area that are holding their own science fairs prior to the time that your school has scheduled theirs. Pay a visit to one of these and you will find some great ideas that other parents and their students have used.

Educational Television

Television actually can do more than “rot kids’ brains”. There are many channels today that are dedicated to providing educational content, and some have excellent science programming. “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” is one good example of this type of programming. Tune in for a show or several shows to gain some interesting ideas. You might even find that you become engrossed in science itself!


If you have tried your best and still can’t come up with any ideas that seem suitable for you and your student, his or her teacher will probably be willing to help you come up with an idea for a science fair project.