How to get better at Studying for Exams

There are many different ways a student can study for an exam and not everyone can study the exact same way. Nonetheless, there are always new ways to improve study habits.  Listed below are some common habits to adapt for better studying. 

Regularly review notes:  Whenever a lesson is given, review all notes.  This should be done on a regular basis.  Be sure to review all previous lessons up to the current.  Never wait until an exam is to be given to review and study for the first time.

Read out loud:  A great way to recall information is by reading the information out loud.  So, read the information out loud but be sure to repeat it over and over again.  Similiar to listening to a song that you may like, playing it over and over again. The end result would be memorizing the whole song word from word. Repetition is the key!

Be creative:  Whether you jot down notes on index cards, sing a song, write a poem or fill your Face-Book status with important key information, you can be as creative as you wish.  What whatever is effective for you is what matters.  So create effective ways to help you store information.

Clear mind: Worries and negative thoughts should be far from mind. Relax, clear the mind focusing on positive thoughts. Think of those things which soothes and calms you.

Group study:  Get together with other students and exchange and compare notes and discuss the lessons.  

Positive and organized environment:  Where ever the studying will be done, be sure it is a place which gives a positive effect and is organized.  When the surroundings are positive and organized, the mind should be less distracted and more focused.  Remember, a cluttered environment produces a cluttered mind.

Take breaks: Study taking short breaks throughout the study period.  Make sure the study times and the break times are balanced.  Never should the break times be too long or longer than the study time. 

Eat and sleep well: When choosing meals, choose foods that are healthy and beneficial to the body as well as mind. Don’t skip any meals either. Getting enough sleep is just as important.  A well fed and rested body gives greater results.