How to get more involved in high school activities

Another high school year is here. If you are thinking this is the year to finally get involved in high school activities, then this is a good place to start your search for something to do. If you are already are involved in your high school, but are still looking for more to do, this article has advice for you as well.

There are four ways in which high school students can be an active participant during the school year. Number one is out-of-school activities, number two is sports and sporting events, number three is clubs and organizations, number four is unlimited possibilities.

You don’t need to be number one hot shot top of the class to be involved in high school. In fact you don’t even have to be in any “jock” sports or “nerd” clubs to enjoy the high school experience. Out of school activities such as movie nights, gaming nights, fall and spring bonfires are all great ways to get involved with your peers and get connected with new friends. All it takes is a little planning and it doesn’t have to cost much either.

Halloween parties, for example, can be set up by simply creating an invite saying “Pot luck and movie night at my place, call me to RSVP.” Just leave a date, time, and contact information and pass out your invites at school. Sound lame? Well though it may sound lame, remember that you can have your friends bring any games, music, or horror movies they want. When everyone arrives you can decide on what exactly to do then.

If you are more outgoing and really like to be physically active, or just want to keep in shape, joining a physical sport during the school year can be a rewarding experience. Again, you don’t have to be number one. But you can of course always set goals and do your best as you would with anything else. And if you aren’t into playing soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, football or the various activities your school offers, you can always support your school and team by heading to the stands or bleachers. The stands can be just as rewarding as the field. Just be careful not to eat too many nachos if you choose not to be active in any sports or physical activities.

If you hate video games, movies, sports, but have read the thesaurus nine times, you may want to consider other options for getting involved. Though there may be extremists like this, it is more likely that sports and video games are just not your thing. There are many clubs offered in high school. Key Club, Psychology Club, Robotics Team, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and many more. Generally, clubs and organizations can be divided into two categories. Those being academic clubs like Social Justice League, FFA, and BPA, and social awareness organizations like, MADD, Teens Against Smoking, and Key Club. Many of these have overlapping layers and usually provide many free pizza opportunities and fund raising events. 

So there you have it, there should be no excuses for hiding in your bedroom crying because you have no friends. Not to be harsh, but there are an almost endless amount of opportunities out there to be active in your high school. If your high school doesn’t have what you want or something you would find interesting you can imagine what you need to do. Create a club, an intramural sport, or plan a bowling get together in town. The sky is truly the limit. And be not afraid to exit your comfort zone, you never know what or who you may find interesting. You might just find your soul mate in the deal. And that is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.