How to get Recruited to Play College Volleyball

Of the hundreds of thousands of high school volleyball players right now in the United States, only a select few will make it onto college teams. What can you do to stand out? Increase your chances to play at the next level with preparation for the recruiting process and commitment to the sport.

Playing for a high school team may not be enough. Try to play on a club team; the season runs from November to June, giving college coaches more of a chance to watch recruits play in person, and allowing young players a chance to hone their skills beyond the high school season. You’ll encounter more coaches, too, who may have college connections that can get you extra attention from college coaches.

Put together a recruiting tape, but beware of common pitfalls. Coaches do not want poorly shot game tapes sent to them; they don’t have time to sort through grainy footage searching for a particular player. They can better evaluate a recruit by seeing key skills and getting important information clearly and concisely. For a tape that a coach will watch rather than toss aside into a pile of others, develop an introduction where you quickly highlight your athletic and academic successes, then show off your skills. Demonstrate your overhead and forearm passing, your defensive skills, floorwork, hitting technique, and some blocking and serving. Concentrate on showing your strengths. Keep it focused, putting the strongest parts at the beginning. Include clips of games if you have them, particularly if you have shots of you making key plays.

Work as hard as you can on the court, and market yourself as professionally as possible. Coaches want to see a hard-working, coachable player who focuses on the fundamentals and is ready to make the jump to college volleyball.