How to get Smarter

During the long high school break, improving your knowledge leisurely will help you get smarter and be prepared for the next high school year.

Read up on your notes
Always re-read your notes during the summer break, it is an excellent way to remember what you had done the previous year. Knowing the previous material ensures you know the basics and thus will be able to advance onto the next level.

Find your learning style
Everyone has a different learning style, there are many online questionnaires you can fill in to fully understand your learning type. Once found, it enables you to effectively and efficiently learn material and retain that knowledge.

Learning Style Questionnaire

Research background information
Learning background information on the topics you have studied and on the topics that you will learn enable you to have a better understanding of them. You can either do this by researching online or purchasing materials such as journals and books that provide background information on the topics that you will learn.

Learn in small chunks
As it is the summer holidays, you will want to enjoy yourself, so always learn in small chunks. This will help you remember it better and will also allow you to have a great summer holiday day. Do not cram revision and learning all into one day, but over every day or every other day to ensure that you remember what you have learnt.

Difficult Areas
If you have found areas of your studies difficult, always go back and re-learn them making sure that you fully understand the topics and are able to complete questions on them with ease. This is because you may encounter similar questions or advanced questions in the coming year so having a solid knowledge of them will allow you to learn the advanced material easier than otherwise.

Knowledge Outside Home
You do not have to constantly revise and learn at home, places like museums and galleries are a fun and exciting way to learn new information without being boring and tedious.

Since the majority of high school students will study English, reading books is a great way to improve on your English and is enjoyable if you love reading,

The above tips and tricks to implement learning in your summer break can help you to get smarter and find the next year easier than the last. Getting smarter is easy when you fully comprehend the subjects so always keep this in mind.