How to get your Child Ready for School

Summer vacation is the time of year when children and adults alike get to relax and enjoy the summer air. However, parents are forced to get their children ready early to avoid the ‘first day back at school blues’. If you allow your child to continue with their go to bed 11pm wake up 11am routine they will find it difficult to suddenly get up and be ready to leave the house before 9 o’clock.


Start a few weeks before school to get your child/children into the rhythm of getting ready for school. Trying to get a child to wake up at 8 all of the sudden just won’t work. Once your child gets back into the habit of going to bed early and waking up early, life will be a lot easier for both of you.

Make sure you get your child/children to make a list of everything they need for the first day back at school. It is almost impossible to run out before school starts to buy new pens and pencils; so make sure you have everything ready by the week before.

Get your children into the homework routine.  At the time your child usually returns from school, turn off the television and get him/her to play educational games until dinner. Not only are you getting your child back into their routine, but you’re helping them learn. 

Plan a family fun day before school starts. Throughout the summer discus with your child/ children about what kind of fun day they want. Be careful not to leave the fun day to late as it may disrupt the routine for your children completely. 

North Kingston patch suggest you have a family meeting to discuss anything new you plan in the coming school term.   Make sure there is no distraction this includes: TV, video games and laptops.

Become familiar with your child/children’s new principal and teacher. Let your child’s teacher get used to you and your child; there is absolutely nothing wrong with you impressing the principal a little.

If your child is joining the school this term ask the principal if you can show your child around school for the first day.  However, if your child is in high school make sure they are comfortable with their mother/father showing them around school.

Remember not to over prepare. Going back to school should be fun for you and your child so try to keep calm.