How to Halt a School Bully

You can’t. You cannot stop a school bully. You can only deal with it, and get away from it, but not stop it. You may get out from underneath the bully but the bully will simply find another poor kid’s back to hop on. But I’m not saying give up hope on the fight, and I’m definitely not saying give up the fight.

So what am I saying? Deal with it. No, don’t take a gun to school and shoot them, or stab them. You can deal with it nonviolently. Well for one, that ignore them game doesn’t work at all. Bullies are persistent. So what you can do is to learn some techniques that repel bullies.

Eye contact. No, don’t have a staring contest. Just make sure when they are directing their words at you, you look them in the eyes so they know that you are listening and you don’t like what they are saying.

Reply with a strong voice. I’m not advising you to sound like Superman or Wonder Woman. When I say strong, I mean pump your voice with confidence. Stop mumbling and grumbling your retorts.

Stick with your buddies. Stay with your friends. Don’t appear like a gang, just hang with friends so if something does go down, you have someone to back you up. But beware, becoming dependent on friends can’t be good. If you are caught alone, don’t be afraid to assert yourself.

How in the world do you assert yourself to someone whose nearly a foot bigger than you? Tell them that they are wasting their breath on everything they say to you. Tell them you couldn’t care less about their useless opinion. Then ask them if they have anything better to do.

Most of all, remember, it’s all about what you feel. No one can tell you what you are. No one can tell you what you can and can’t do. If people think something about you that’s not true, and YOU know it’s not true, then stop worrying about it. If it is true, remember who’s business it is: YOURS.

Bullies are people. They have weaknesses and feelings. Maybe referring them to a counselor or talking with them yourself can change things too. It won’t be easy, though. People don’t just open up to one another. But don’t give up too quickly. But if there is one thing you need to know, you should never give up on your fight with a bully, because you may not stop them, but you can at least stop them from bullying you.