How to have a successful freshman year

As you have already noticed, life is progressively getting more exciting, and it may also be getting more stressful. Don’t panic, freshman year is not that much different to anything else new in life. Just like other new things, you need to learn the ropes and keep a positive attitude even when you make a mistake. And remember to give yourself plenty of props when you achieve your own personal and academic goals as well. Here are some tips to help make the excitement of high school a little more manageable and familiar.


Keeping a schedule is a great way to go when there will be many things to do. As you begin to consider sports, relationships, friends, clubs, school work, and other priorities in high school, you are going to begin to feel overwhelmed. If you make a schedule and stick to it as well as you can, you will find that there is a lot more free time than one imagines without having a place to write things down. Plus, scheduling ensures good rest, good breakfast, getting things done on time, and prioritizes all of your activities including get togethers with friends.

Be active

It is very important that you get involved in one or two activities outside of the classroom. Activities like drama or Key Club during the school year will be great to put on resumes and applications when you begin sifting through various college options. Plus, activities can be a good way to socialize with friends and get some homework time. Some activities in school have down time and down time with friends allows for great study sessions for complicated homework. Join a sport, go to a dance, or be part of a fundraiser. It won’t hurt the resume or your grades.

Get to know faculty

It is true that some high school teachers will become great mentors to students. Not only can your teachers be great resources for life advice, but they can help you with your homework as well. Teachers usually much enjoy their jobs so remember to use them as a resource when you are struggling with homework or when trying to make general life decisions like playing tennis verses volleyball. And do not forget about your high school counselors. They can give you all the advice you need both personal and academic. They can set you up with tutors and often give you the information you need to start getting college information lined up for graduation.

Have fun and think ahead

So high school can be dramatic and stressful. It would be a lie not to address that. But if you let dramatics and stress drone you to the bottom of the ocean, the future will remain far away. Have fun and keep in mind that high school is preparing you for the next exciting stage in life which is college. So when you’re down in the dumps after you go through a break-up and fail a math test, remember that college and a stable living is the goal in mind. If you have fun and follow these tips as well as the others you may find on the web or elsewhere, you will have a great freshman year which will lead to a great high school experience.