How to help Students Resolve Friendship Issues

Friendship dispute is a normal event in any relationship especially among young people who are trying to define their identity. This dispute can be so touching because the quarrel is between close friends who might share a lot of secrets and personal views.

Secrets are so important to young people which make disputes a critical issue. As a teacher, it is imperative for you to eliminate all forms of social crises in your classroom because it will indirectly impact your teaching on a negative note.  Here are some tips to help your students settle disputes.

*  Help them stabilize emotionally – disputes, disagreements, quarrels, and conflicts among friends can generate high tension emotionally. That is why you will need to calm them down and let the steam out. This will help them to be reasonable in all the attempts that are to be made to resolve the disputes. Encourage them to reduce the sobbing and shouting.   

 *  Listen to them and ask relevant questions after you have succeeded in calming the nerves, take ample time to listen to them express their views about the issues at hand. Do your best not to interject as that may lead to a break in flow of expression and perception that you might be taking sides. Ask questions to clarify facts and request feedback to be sure that you got them right. 

 *  Present options for the conflict resolution – as you discuss with them, progressively come up with possible resolution ideas. Make a mental note of such ways out. Let them also come up with possible solutions that will amicably settle the quarrels. Even when you know who is in the wrong, suggestively state the obvious solution.  

 *  Show premium confidence in your students – let them know ahead of time that you will not give up on them if the approach taken does not work eventually. Making attempts to resolve the conflict in the first place is a commendable effort. Encourage them to see dispute resolution as a badge of honour rather than viewing it as a being a jelly to apologize. Make them see that apologizing does not reduce anyone’s status, it rather improves the respect that people have for the person. Only strong people ask for forgiveness.

 Teachers are bridge builders between one generation to the other and even among the present students. Your students will readily come to you when they are confident of the fact that you will be objective with any advice given to them to resolve disputes.