How to help your Teen Prepare for the first Day of High School as a Freshman

We do need to prepare our teen for their first day in high school.  Although teenagers do not need their parents to accompany them on their first days in high school, they still need some guidance, advice and input from their parents on the choice of study.  They may need a car ride on their first day of school as well.

How do we prepare a teen for the first day in high school?

First, what are the results of our teen and which schools are he eligible to enroll in?  We observe and take note of our teen’s interests and strengths.  What are the subjects that they do well in and which are the ones that they struggle with and are weak in?  The important task is to concentrate on what interests them and to build on their strengths.

Secondly, be positive and encourage them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.  Always be there to help them and listen to them.  As parents, we need to be wary to avoid imposing our unfulfilled dreams on our teen.  Recognize that our teen is a unique individual who has his own personality and dreams.  When our teen is lost and not sure of what they want, as parents, we step in to give guidance and ask them questions that make them do some self-reflection and think for themselves.

It will also be beneficial to source and provide our teen with materials that evaluate their strengths, passion, and personality type.  These serve to give a better idea of which courses would be more suitable for our teen.

Then during the selection of courses for high school, we sit with our teenager and discuss with him his aspirations and what he hopes to do in life.  Give him some advice and input that we as adults know, and guide him in the choice that he will be making.  If our teen does not know exactly what he wants at this point in time, it is a good idea to suggest selecting a course that is more general and provides a foundation for future specialized course of study.

After we help our teen settle and register and secure the best available course of study for high school, we help him buy his uniforms and books, stationery, files, bags, socks, shoes, and water bottle.  He can prepare his own uniform and stationery, and wrap and label his own books and files.  If we have a car, there is no harm in taking our teen to his high school.  He is old enough to find his way home after school.

By doing the things described above, we are preparing a teenager for the first day in high school.