How to Identify School Bullies Preemptively

Some people think that being bullied is simply a rite of passage. Unfortunately, however, the effects of bullying can result in permanent damage to certain individuals. For this reason, parents and teachers should learn how to identify school bullies preemptively and teach other children how to prevent themselves from being victimized. So, how do you identify school bullies? Here are a few tips to help you weed them out so you can take precautions to protect yourself, before they find you.

1. Bullies are cowards. The most important thing to remember about bullies is that while they appear to have a hardened exterior, on the inside, they are really just scared. They are so scared, in fact, that they would rather deflect attention to some other “weak” person so that their own weaknesses are not exposed. Bullies will not laugh at themselves or accept their weaknesses. Instead, these individuals will always have a comeback’ to deflect attention.

2. Bullies come in packs. More often than not, bullies will usually stick together with one leader and some followers. The leader usually needs the support of his or her followers so that they can be reassured, despite the fact that their friendship often stems from fear. In the same way, the follower-bullies are usually under the protection of the leader-bully so that they are not prone to attack. Again, this further emphasizes the cowardice of bullies.

3. Bullies are angry. Some bullies attack others simply because they have so much rage, aggression, frustration, and anger that they do not know how to express that they simply take it out on others because they can. Look for children who seem overly angry for no reason.

Some bullies are easier to spot than others. Overall, however, the aforementioned characteristics will usually assist teachers, students, and parents in identifying bullies and potential bullies before they’ve even had the chance to act.