How to Improve Math Skills in High School Students

This is quite an interesting subject. We all know that mathematics is not the most famous or most liked subject in schools, especially in high school when everything suddenly seems to be Greek. This is very true. Most high school students try and run away from mathematics, and cannot really find the courage to face the subject bravely and confidently so that they can improve on their skills.

If more students took a liking to the mathematics subject, many of the world’s skills shortage in these areas would be addressed. Students however are always finding excuses to totally ignore the subject or switch to a lower grade. This may be a short term solution to a long tern problem.

The love for the subject needs to come from within the student. Students need to take responsibility for their actions, and take the initiative to find their problem areas withing mathematics. These problem areas need to be sorted out with the help of the maths teacher on hand or an extra tutor. The student though needs to be the one who does the extra work, and sees to it that the grades starts to improve. Students need to be realistic about improving their grades. Goals need to be formulated which are measurable, realistic and attainable. For example, if the student is getting fifty percent in tests then he/she can work consistently and try for sixty in the next text, and then seventy. These goals are realistic and achievable. In time the student will score an A symbol for the subject, but persistence and hard work is required.

Students need to answer past year papers, and learn to solve problems on their own. Tutorials are a good guide to understanding concepts and being exposed to different examples in the subject, yet the student has to be the one who spends hours trying to solve the problems presented. Mathematics is speed, precision and accuracy. Past year papers need to be answered, and students need to be honest and time themselves.

Sometimes when faced with a difficult problems and no solution is coming, the student may need to take a break from the studies and have a cup of tea to calm those nerves. After a while, most probably the nest day or two the solution amy automatically come. This is the subconscious mind working even when we are not thinking to work out solutions.