How to Improve your Spelling

Why bothar to improve your spelling . Who writes letturs these days anyway. I bet you can reed this artikul and understand it even if just a few of the werds is speled incoreckly. I figure that speaking proper is far more important than spelling.

When i went to primary skool i never bothered with spelling too much. Punchuashun learning was more important. Nothing worse if you don’t know commas and full stops and semi breezes or something like that. Teachers really saw me as a chalinge . Some of them cudent believe i got out of grade two with my speeling . How kum your speling is so atrowshush they would ask. I told them that speling wasint the only thing i was good at.

Anyway the main thing was that i managed to get into high skool like most of my class. As long as you can understand what is writton down on paper spelling is not important. Some times you can fluke correct speling . Whoops I just looked at the title and spelling has too ells. Well like they say in the movies live and learn.

Would you believe i was never game enuff to write anything at all until i discovered helium. You know if you read some of the artikuls even I can pick out bad spelling worse even punctsuation and no idea of paragraffs. Paragraffs are just as important as correct spelling only more so dont you think? wow look at that I got to use the / . no the ? mark key in my articil.

Would you believe my big brother is standing over my shouldar and trying to reed this . You cant spell for nuts he is saying. You cant send that in .The hole thing is terribul. You just keep making spelling mistakes one afther another. No one will reed it.

This next paragraph is co written with the assistance of my brother who insisted I use spell check to correct all the preceding paragraphs. He then had second thoughts and suggested that I leave them exactly how I wrote them to illustrate how the education was failing students of today. How rude.

He stated that I need to continue to write short essays and have someone sit down and patiently teach me basic spelling until my level of spelling reached an acceptable level. He was going to elaborate more but having got this far with this paragraph and the last paragraph he stated he couldn’t stand it any longer. Apparently it has taken us a whole hour of constant correction of my spelling and this paragraph is the limit of his patience.

So wot can i do i asked him. Use spell check until you burn out the computer he sed. I dont know how i sed. Well go find yourself an english teacher who dosent mind mygrains he suggested.

I figure that finding someone wuld be to much trouble. One day every wun is going to spell like me because of computers and once we learn how to use spell check we dont need to know how to spell , cos the computer will do it for us.

My brother came over to give me a hand with the closing paragraph as he thought it would be nice if I left you with a good impression. His idea of improving spelling was for the teachers to go back to the days where English was taught by teachers would could spell themselves in the first place. How quaint!