How to Improve your Spelling

Having the ability to spell proficiently gives us confidence. No matter what our life circumstances, writing will inevitably come into play on some level. Whether writing is part of our job, or we are filling out applications, composing letters or playing word games in a social setting, emabarrassment will surface if we inadvertently misspell a word.

Can we learn to be a good speller, or is that a concept we either grasp in elementary school or fail to achieve for the rest of our life? We can improve our spelling acumen in order to present our written words in a professional manner.

Improving our spelling skill does not have to be a difficult process. We can have fun and improve our spelling at the same time.

Here are some tips for becoming a better speller:


Reading introduces us to new vocabulary choices. The more we read, the more we subconsciously absorb the correct spelling of words. When writing a word, even if we cannot spell it correctly, we will recognize that it does not “look” right and we can then search for the correct spelling in the dictionary.


Writing a word down will reinforce our memory of the spelling. There was a reason our teachers assigned the repeated writing exercise of spelling words as homework. The motivation was not punitive, it was to file the correct spelling in our memory bank. Each time it is necessary to resort to looking up a word in the dictionary, take the time to practice writing the word several times, and the next time it is used in correspondence, or any other writing exercise, you can be confident it will be spelled correctly.

Learn spelling and grammar rules

There are many well written books on the subject of using common words in a grammatically correct way, with examples of the different meanings and spellings of identical sounding words. It is never too late to treat yourself to a refresher course and brush up on guidelines for spelling and grammar learned long ago in elementary school and forgotten through lack of practice.

Use the dictionary

Sign up for the “Word of the Day” on your computer. Each morning when you open your e-mail, you will find the featured word of the day, with its meaning and examples of proper use. Make a game of using the word at least once in your conversation that day and make it a correctly spelled,permanent part of your vocabulary henceforth.

Games and Puzzles

Make fun of improving your spelling skills. Games like Scrabble, Upwords, and Boggle all assist in this endeavor, especially if you keep a dictionary handy for reference. Crossword puzzles will serve the same purpose, of making us adept spellers. Go online to sites like and play a variety of free word games. Repeated play with words will strengthen your spelling with seemingly little effort.

It is a worthy pursuit to improve spelling. Not only will you build self confidence, but think of the pleasure derived when someone who is not so proficient looks at you in awe and declares, “You are such a good speller!”