How to Improve your Spelling

If it weren’t for spell check, many of us would be lost in the writing world. Words are not an easy thing to comprehend. There are so many things to learn and understand that it can often seem like a difficult task. The best way to improve spelling is to work towards a better understanding of words. This can be done in many ways.

Familiarize yourself with words that have variations. Learn the difference between such words as they’re, there, and their. Get used to using them in the proper context. Practice using a variety of words (such as too and also) that mean the same thing. This will increase your word vocabulary.

Use flash cards. You can make your own or buy them in stores. Flash cards can be made to suit each new word you are interested in. They can be reviewed often.

Read the dictionary. Learn new words. Make it a point to use the words in everyday conversation and writing assignments. Spell the words out loud to help improve your own comprehension. Start out slow. Learn common words, descriptions, and emotions. Find words that you enjoy and focus on them.

Write more things out by hand. Instead of relying heavily on a keyboard and spell check, use a pen and piece of paper. Once you have written everything out you can then type it. This will reinforce your spelling skills.

Write words out five times each (or more if needed). The best way to learn is to practice. Even if it feels monotonous, write the words over and over again. This will help reinforce the proper spelling in your head.

Quiz yourself or have someone else do it. Tests seem intimidating at times but they are the best way to reassure that you are learning correctly. They also act as reviews to help you decide if you are on the right tract.

Read more. Don’t just breeze through each sentence. Pay attention to each word. Focus on the spelling and pronunciation. Sound out each word slowly, making sure to get the feel of them.

Play word games. Games can increase your learning level by making it seem less like work and more like fun. There are lots of word games such as Hangman, Wheel of fortune, and crossword puzzles that will help you increase your spelling power. Filling missing letters in can help you spell a variety of words.

Don’t just know words understand them. Learn their origin and the correct way that they are used. If you are able to better understand words, you can figure out why they are spelt and pronounced the way they are.

The more you learn, the easier it will be to comprehend. Many small words can build bigger words. Learn to enjoy the world of vocabulary and spelling will soon become a second nature for you.