How to Intervene with School Bullying

School bullying often times goes not only unnoticed, but also it is often times not reported as well. If your child comes home and tells you that they have been bullied at school, or they have witnessed someone else being bullied at school, most parents would take action to have it resolved.

Most parents would start with the school teacher to see if they are aware of what is going on. If the teacher is unaware of anything, the parent or parents might go to the principal and see if they are aware of anything. If the principal is unaware of a problem, the next step a parent might take is talking to the school district office to see if they know of any problems with bullying at your child or children’s school.

If the parent has tried all of these steps, and the answer has been, “no” from everyone, you might start calling other parents from the class or the school to see if their child or children have been coming home with the same concerns. 

If after talking to several other families in your child or children’s school or school district, you have discovered that there could be, or definitely is a problem with bullying going on at one or multiple schools, the next thing that you will want to do is call a public meeting to discuss the concerns that people have about what is going on, and find out what the school or the district is going to do to resolve the problem. This way you can make more people aware of exactly what is going on, and come together as a group to fix the problems taking place.  

When having this meeting, the goal of the meeting is to get the bullying to stop, not to point fingers at who might be the cause of the bullying. If the school does not already have a bullying prevention program in place, it might be time to implement one. There are many programs already in place that will teach your school students about bullying. These programs will teach the student’s things like how to identify bullying, what to do if you think you see bullying taking place, and how you might prevent bullying from happening to begin with.   

If your child or children come to you saying that they are being bullied at school, the last thing you want to encourage them to do is to bully them back or retaliate. This is not teaching your child a good example, and it is certainly not resolving the problem in a mature manner. This method is only teaching your child that bullying is an okay behavior and that it is acceptable which it is not. 

As a last resort, if you have taken all of the steps from talking to the teacher, all the way up to talking to the school district, and nothing has been done to address your issues or concerns, or to resolve any problems, you might have to involve law enforcement and open an investigation, but you might only want to do this in certain cases because your child would have to be interviewed by the police and would possibly have to meet together with the police officer and the bully or bullies to talk about what exactly has happened, so that the officer can hear both sides of the situation in hopes that they can resolve the problem and find a solution to stop it, and keep it from happening again.