How to Involve Community Leaders in High School Programs

Community leaders are given a great opportunity to be involved in many high school programs. From graduation to student presentations and assemblies these leaders can help shape the way of the future by participating in programs dedicated to teaching students how to function in society and government. Encouraging leaders to become involved can often be shown easier than it can be taught. Here are some ways community leaders can become involved in high school programs and make a difference in a teens life.

Opening and closing ceremonies

Community leaders can give great motivational speeches to students in opening and closing ceremonies for various assemblies and graduation ceremonies. Students can learn a lot of valuable information by listening to a community leader and how they arrived at their position. What steps they took and accomplishments they met in their quest. When leaders take a moment to share they often give a lifetime of valuable information to students.

Guest appearances

Guest appearances are always enjoyed and appreciated by students. Leaders can make a cameo guest appearance and share something unique about any program and help students want to become more involved in learning a specific trade or skill. When students see a community leader worked their way up through the ranks just like the students are the community leaders become more real to the students.


By participating in high school programs leaders demonstrate their knowledge and care about the students. Encouraging community leaders to step up to the plate for the future generations will go far in helping them want to get involved in society’s future. Student’s gain a new respect for community leaders that are willing to participate and help students in their future goals.

Volunteer projects

When community leaders volunteer side by side with students they have a great opportunity to get to know future generations and share their knowledge with students. Students appreciate a leader that is willing to do volunteer projects as well as their own job.

Behind the scenes support

Many projects require some behind the scene support. When parents and community leaders offer behind the scenes support but allow students to do the bulk of the work they are providing moral support, behind the scenes support and encouraging students to reach out and attain their goals.

When community leaders become involved in high school programs students see that these leaders as as human as the students are. When the leaders make time in their schedules to show students they care students are less likely to act out and cause problems.