How to keep a Child Safe in School

Its important to keep your child safe at school.Its one of the main priorities, you need to be certain your child is always safe even when your not around. Although school is a fairly safe place, Things can happen. Don’t let this thing happen to your child!

1. Make sure if your child is old enough he has a phone. Yes I know this may sound crazy and all the parents are probably disagreeing with this idea. Here is the idea, If someone gets hurt, something happens, your child can call you, the police or some sort of help.
Yes they may get in trouble for having it, but most teachers will allow the student to have it unless they use it in front of them or take it out. My teacher had a policy of, “If i see its mine.” Thus I would never let her see it. The matter of it ringing, Well lets say that every phone has the feature of vibration, Technology don’t you love it?.
Okay I know what your thinking, Oh, What if somehow it does ring of the teacher does see it, Well most likely you will have to pick it up from the teacher themselves but is it not worth going and picking a device that will ensue your child’s safety? Is it too much?
Also, another point tip, if a phone is out of your budget, buy a prepaid phone, Add minutes and tell your child only to use it for emergencies. It is fairly cheap, maybe ten dollars for a phone and twenty dollars worth of minutes should take you a long way.

2. Enroll your child in a material arts class. This may not seem like the direct safety approach but it will help your child as soon as he gains some type of skill in that style of fighting. It will teach him a valuable ability that will help your child out through his whole life. Also, It may help your child rid of bullies.
Yes this option is costly, but it is a great way to get exercise and stay fit. it will help make your child stronger and less vulnerable to the cold world. Think about it as an investment, your child may grow up to love this and will thank you for helping support them financially.

3. Know the teachers, Staff, officials., This does help. I remember in my school, I had a friend who was really close to the teacher, and some may view this embarrassing for the child, and yes it could be at times but the teacher always favored him in arguments and always in the students eyes, liked him better. Once she saved him from getting suspended while two other students got suspended. This is a free approach and just one of those little things. But these little things add up to an ultimate safety protection.

4. Know parents and tell your child to make lots of friends. If something happens at school, kids tend to stick with their friends when their scared. If your child has lots of friends, he will end up being better protected. and once again, this is a free, common sense approach.

5. Try to raise a child who isn’t or is someone who will fit in or at least not fit out. I remember from my experience, there a kid, he was never liked because he was a snobby kid, always sided with teachers and didn’t really have lots of friends. He would always ruin fun for everyone else. And with this my point is, Try to tell your child to be available;e and not pick fights or act in a way where someone will want to pick a fight with you.

Hope these five tips help save someone some trouble!