How to keep Calm during an Exam

Examination is a set of questions or exercises assessing skill or knowledge. Some people call it necessary evil. They are essential since it is through them that we can prove that we have understood whatever the teacher has been teaching.

The best way to overcome fear is ensuring that one has read early enough and gets prepared to tackle it. Last minute reading is not healthy since it may end up confusing a person.

One should have a positive attitude towards it after all it is just an exam and life continues after it. Exams cannot kill a person and furthermore many people have done them, and he or she is not the first one.

One should ensure that he or she have had enough sleep the night before the exam. Sleep is extremely relevant to any human being.

Everybody requires food to live. One should not over eat or skip meals this might affect his or her concentration during an exam.

Reading an hour before the exam is a dangerous thing to do, some people believe that the last minute can save a man. This is the time to relax and wait for the exam. One should avoid friends questioning him or her at this time. They might ask things one does not know, and this will discourage him or her and make him or her nervous.

The worst thing is when one does not know the venue and time of the exam. This will lead to one panicking and running up and down. It will be worse if he or she happen to be late for the exam. Get to the exam room early enough and seat at your favorite place.

Self confidence will help a lot. One should believe that he or she will make it and have the “yes I can attitude.” Believe that everything is possible, and it will happen.

Breathing works wonders especially when held for three of four seconds severally. This works well before the exam.

One should take his time to read through the question paper and ensure that he has read each question at a time observing the allocation of marks. One should make sure that he has read all the instructions to guide him. If one comes across something he cannot understand he should feel free to ask the supervisor.

One should not spend too much time on questions that he or she does not know he or she can skip them if necessary. One should first attempt the questions that he or she is sure. This helps one to save time and will save him or her from regret afterwards.

One should assume that he or she is alone in the exam room and should not spend time looking at his or her classmates, he or she might panic if he or she notices that they are writing a lot.

One should keep a record of the time he or she is spending but should not look at the clock every now and then. After all, he or she cannot change the time.