How to Learn English as a second Language

Leaning English as a second language can be a daunting and sometimes frustrating task. Having taught English as a second language (ESL) both in America and abroad I have learned that students who do some things learn much faster than others.
Talk to your teacher. Most English teachers have no problem talking with their students after class. This is also a great time to ask questions about things you may have missed, or just ask your teacher about daily life. Seeing how your teacher answers every day questions can help in your studies.

Talk to other students. This is more of a problem in other countries than it is here, but when speaking to class mates always use English. I have had many students that did not learn as well as others because the moment class was over they would not use English. They would speak in their native tongue at all times except during class. They were always my worst students.
Read books in English. This is primarily for grammar. The students I had that would read books in English always had the best grammar compared to the other students. I would suggest starting with simple books and then work your way up. I had a student that could read the Wall Street Journal and understand most of it, but he started with children’s’ books.

Watch movies in English. Start with movies with subtitles if you must but work towards watching English movies that have no subtitles. This can help you see how English conversation works in real life situations. I had students that would take me out to a movie (this was allowed in the school I worked for in another country) we would watch it; most had subtitles but some did not. And after the movie they would ask me what specific words meant and what they were saying in parts of the movie. Also TV can help you in the same way. Do not start with the news but find something simple that interests you and watch it every day so that you get used to how they speak and can more easily understand the people on that show. Then watch different shows to get a verity of experiences.
Speak English at home. While I was teaching English abroad I had one student that spoke English vastly better than my other students. She told me it was because she spoke English to her family. She would come to class learn English and then go home and only speak in English to her husband and children. This was not only giving her amazing results but it was also teaching the rest of her family English. She saved a lot of money this way also rather than paying for each family member to take classes she was teaching the family. If you want to excel in English this is the way to go.

In conclusion, speak English as often as you can this is the best way I know to learn the English language.