How to Learn to Read Fast

Are you a fast reader? You envy those who can read twice as fast as you are. The fast readers always finish the examination earlier than you do. The fast readers need lesser time to study.

The fast readers in the corporate world can learn more in lesser time. You like to learn to read faster.

How to learn to read faster?

The first way to read faster is to read widely. You should not restrict your reading material to paperback thriller. You should read widely, and learn different techniques to read different materials.

Many people are fast readers when they are reading thrillers. They can read a thriller in a day. The exciting plot captures their attention. They do not want to put down the thriller. They want to find out what happens in the end.

Do you think they read every single word in the thriller? No, of course not. They read the action, without paying attention to the word.

You should widen your reading material to include legal documents, newspapers, self-development books and other books. You will get use to the different methods of writing. You will know how to spot the important points in a shorter time.

The second way to read faster is to read as much as you can. You know that practice makes perfect. This is true where reading is concern. The more you read, the faster your reading speed will be.

You should aim to spend at least an hour reading. That is not as difficult as you think. If you are working in the corporate world, you will spend more than an hour reading and replying email. You will spend time reading the letters, memos, and other documents related to your work.

You can spend twenty minutes reading the newspapers in the morning. You can spend ten minutes after lunch to read. You can spend thirty minutes in the evening to read. This will be an hour of reading.

Many readers can do better than this. In fact, many Chief Executive Officers (CEO) do better than this. They are able to finish a book a week, on top of all the reading materials at work.

The third way to read faster is to highlight the key points. When you are reading textbooks or non-fiction books, you can highlight the key points. You will force yourself to seek for the key points as you read. In this case, you will not spend time reading the non-crucial points. You can skim through the illustrations and examples.

You can learn to read fast by following the tips above. You can learn to read at double your current reading speed.