How to Make a Teenager Enjoy Reading

Being able to read is one of the most important skills to learn. By learning how to read, one will understand the visual and audio of words. One would understand how to correctly spell words. When one reads, let alone constantly, one will be able to expand his/her vocabulary by learning new words.

When one reads, one will become better when it comes to writing. By reading, one can learn how to do things such as bake a pizza, grill a hamburger, use a computer, repair a kitchen sink, and other valuable skills. In short, it is very important to read. There are many people, let alone teenagers, that do not like to read.

One example of not wanting to read would be watching a foreign language film; but, they do not want to bother reading the subtitles. Instead, they want to wait for something that is dubbed in their own native languages. Film, especially foreign-language films, can help expand a person’s horizon. But, many may not want to bother reading the subtitles.

Getting people to enjoy reading can be difficult; but, getting teenagers to enjoy reading can be more difficult. When children reach their early to mid-teens, that is when they are trying to find their own identities. Their personalities, interests, and circle of friends change.

The first thing to get a teenager to enjoy reading is to find out their interests. They will not take the time to read anything that does not interest them.

For example, one teenager is interested in video games while another teenager is interested in the martial arts. Since they have different interests, they will not want to read the same things. In the case of the video gamer, you could get him/her to read stuff from various gaming magazines and websites. In the case of the martial arts enthusiast or martial artist some sort of books or magazines on martial arts. In the case of these two, you can get them something to read about fighting-based video games.

If there are teenagers who are into shows and movies such as “Wolverine and the X-Men,” “X-Men Evolution,” “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” “Justice League Unlimited,” or “The Batman,” you can introduce them to comic books. Should they be into watching Japanese animation which is also known as “anime” or “Japanimation,” you can introduce them to Japanese manga.

If your teenager is into football, you could get that person some books on football such as players’ autobiographies. The same goes for anybody interested in basketball, volleyball, baseball, and many other sports.

You have to find what teenagers are interested in. You cannot force them to read the same thing and expect them to enjoy it. People, especially teenagers, will read whatever piques their interest. Furthermore, you need to find literature that such teenagers can relate to.

Teenagers cannot be forced to enjoy reading. They have to find something that interests or relates to them. If that is not the case, you will not get them to enjoy reading. Instead of forcing it upon them, go with the flow and find things that they would enjoy reading. If there are teenagers into fashion, then they are highly likely to enjoy reading about fashion, clothing lines, and art schools. If the teenager is a military enthusiast and/or wants to enlist in the military, then that person might be interested in military literature such as fiction, nonfiction, biographies, military manuals, and so forth. Find the literature that aligns with their interests, identity, and so forth.