How to Make Freshman Year of High School a Success

Your freshman year of high school is the beginning of a four year educational stint that is going to be very important to your future. The choices that you make during this one year will have many affects on your life, not only academically, but also socially and morally. You will be making decisions that you haven’t really had to in your past years and others that you may have made, but which didn’t have the same consequences that they will now that you are older and more is expected of you. The following suggestions are ones that can help you to be successful through your freshman year and the years coming up.

*Communicate with Teachers

Your freshman year is going to be a time that you will be introduced to new theories, lessons, and materials. Some of them may be harder than others for you to really understand. When you run across an area of your learning that is challenging you, don’t feel shy about letting yout teacher know. He or she will be happy that you are wanting to learn the material fully and may be able to explain it to you in a different way that you will be able to understand. You do not want to miss an important aspect of the foundational lessons that will help you to do well with the upcoming material. This is a way to fall behind and not be able to get caught up. When you hit a tough spot, just open up to the instructor and let him or her give you a little extra help.

*Get Involved

High school offers many opportunities for you to get involved that you never had in prior years. There are clubs, teams, student government positions, sports, newspapers, and a world of other things that you can get involved in. This will help you to meet other students that share some of your interests and abilities, as well as looking wonderful on college and financial aid applications. Getting involved in the opportunities that your high school offers as a freshman will set a precedent for you to follow throughout the coming years, as well.

*Choose Friends Wisely

You will be meeting a number of new people when you enter high school, a larger school in most areas than the ones that you have been in during your younger grade levels. The group of friends that you choose will tell other people a lot about how they are going to perceive you individually. Both faculty and other students will make judgments about you based on who you are seen spending your time with. If you choose to get in with a group of kids that are typically in various types of trouble, don’t be shocked when you are seen as a “troublemaker”, as well. If, on the other hand, you hang out with a group that is well-behaved, you will be seen in this manner, too. This is not unfair of people to make assumptions such as these, it is just the way the world works.

*Keep up on Assignments

As a freshman, you will probably realize rather quickly that there is more expected of you, especially in the area of academic responsibility. There will not be as many excuses that are accepted for late or missing assignments. There is a certain level of maturity which is going to be expected of you. As a high school student, you are going to need to keep up on your assignments, getting them completed and turned in when they are due. If you allow yourself to get behind on your assignments, it is going to become very difficult to get caught up. You will probably also lose at least a portion of the points that you could have earned on assignments that are turned in late, resulting in a lower grade than you would have gotten if you’d just turned the work in on time.

*Begin a Future Plan

Your freshman year is the time to begin thinking about what you want to do after high school and form a plan that will get you there. Determine what classes you are going to need, what grades you are going to need to keep, and other things, such as extra-curricular activities, that will get you going towards your ultimate goal. Write down the goals and plans that you come up with, so that you can refer back to them when you need some extra motivation.

Freshman year is often the most challenging one of all of the high school years. You are adapting to a new environment, new people, and new expectations. In order to make the most of your freshman year, follow the above five suggestions. This will get you off to a great start and make your freshman year a successful one.