How to Make Friends at your new School

Making friends at high school is a lot easier then what Hollywood portrays it to be. Doing what you enjoy to do and joining the cliques that you would prefer makes it a lot easier to make new friends, as well as keep some of the old ones you had before. In the case of going to a totally new school it shouldn’t be any different. Yes, there are going to be some people that just don’t like you but you just have to get over that. Instead of getting yourself overwhelmed about all the things that could go wrong, find a positive solution that you can think about to get your spirits up. 

For example, the night before you first day of your new school try talking to your parents about some things that are bothering you. If you can’t talk to them then ask a friend or sibling that you can trust to help you find some positive in this situation. Make a list of all the things that you talked about on a piece of paper and put in a safe place. The day of your first day of school you should go over all the positive things that you have discussed the night before and keep that on your mind, when you do you will find it a lot easier to handle being in a new environment.

Now that you are at the school heading to your first class always remember to look friendly, if you go down the hallways looking mean then potential friends might be to scared to approach you, so you want to look approachable, at least to the right crowd. Find out about all the extracurricular activities that you new school have to offer, and if you find one that interests you then go for it, join the club. Once you do that then you’re on your way to finding where exactly you fit in.

So be confident and know who you are because once you do, you will find yourself doing a lot more things that you never thought of doing in a million years. Always remember to look friendly going down the hallways so people won’t be too scared to come approach you. Last but certainly not least, be nice and smile, show that you can be a friend. In the long run you’ll be a friend magnet and will forget that you thought that you’d never make friends at your new school. So first things first, relax and go think up some positive things.