How to Make the Schools Magazine more Attractive

School magazines have evolved over the past decade especially with the introduction of uncomplicated desktop publishing software and cheaper printing methods. In any event, unless the students take an interest on reading the schools magazine, the objectives of having such a publication might be lost. Thus, the editors of such magazines, mainly the students, need to be aware about what their colleagues expect from the magazine and constantly update its content to suit the desires of the magazines readership.

General content

In any school magazine, it is necessary to include the general content that provides its readership with the up to date information related to school events. This includes news related to academic activities, upcoming events, contests, important decisions made by the school authorities, notices given to the studentship for various reasons as well as new additions to the school in terms of various resources. While these contents are important for the general readership, such content might not be attractive enough for the readership to sustain or to look forward to until the next magazine is issued.

Debatable topics of interest

Including well-written articles with regard to important topics that are being discussed widely in public forums might draw interest from the student readership. These topics should ideally generate discussions and various opinions while opening avenues for debating in the magazine itself might also become an attraction for the student magazine. Topics such as the future job market, Obama care, capital punishment, economic recession, climate change, study tips…etc should be crowd pullers if the editors are able to put the right topic and pitch the discussion at the right pace.


Entertainment news might play a key role in making the student magazine an attraction and in this regard, the editors can include student picks on movies, songs, video games and even on tech gadgets. Selecting one of these items and inserting a review written by a student should also make things attractive. At the same time, editors can also include other entertainment news as well as events to which the students can look forwards to participate within the entertainment section. Including information and news related to local attractions or even places the students can visit in their free time should also make the magazine ever more interesting. However, when inserting such pieces, editors should make sure that the content are appropriate for the student readership and that it addresses all categories of students including the very young to the most senior students.

Special sections

In some instances, the school magazine can be made more attractive by adding a cool car section or a fashion page for the girls. The content included in these pages should ideally originate from the students of the school. An achievement section can also attract attention and each issue should ideally carry out a piece on a senior or even on a junior who made it to the helm based on their talent and dedication. Such pieces should be presented in a way where the readership of the magazine can draw inspiration and be motivated in their own efforts towards success.

As with any other magazine, the sports can be an important section in the school magazine and news related to the sporting events participated by the school teams, the achievements of individual athletes or players and the news related to upcoming sporting events should fill the spaces within this section.

Everyday life

In addition, the editors can discuss various topics, which are related to the everyday life of the students at the school such as the menus at the school canteen or else the state of the recreational facilities available to the students to spend their free time.

All in all, the task of making the school magazine an attractive and an informative venture totally depends on the editorial committee of the schools magazine. However, it is the duty of the school authorities to give these editors the due freedom in publishing the schools magazine within an acceptable framework suitable for the student readers of such a magazine.