How to Memorize Lists

Lists can be daunting. Whether it is a list of historical dates or a list of chemical equations, students can easily find themselves struggling with trying to remember an entire list of information. Fortunately, there are some techniques that you can use to successfully memorize lists:

>>> Read And Reread <<<

If you are very familiar with the actual content of the list, then that will help with your memorization of it. So before you try committing the words and/or numbers to memory, why not read over the list a few times to actually understand what it says?

>>> Look For Patterns and Make Connections <<<

Sometimes there can be patterns within lists. There may be a certain number trick or increments to help you remember dates, or maybe you could create an acronym (first letter of each line compiled to spell a word) to help you remember the list (if it contains words). Also, check to see how the information in the list is connected. If you can see connections in your list, then you will be much more likely to remember the information.

>>> Make Associations <<<

Another method that you can use to help you memorize objects on a list is to make associations. If you can link the content on the list to something that is more easily memorable, for example, say a joke or a picture, then you will be able to memorize that certain list better. Another example of an instance would be for a spelling test (it could be English or even a foreign language): you could read the words with a funny, literal, pronunciation in your mind that would make you remember them when test time rolls around.

>>> Write It Out <<<

If you write out the list, then you’ll basically be repeating the list in your mind and plus, writing out each letter, number, and word will help you to completely focus on the content of the list. If you write out the list a couple of times (and actually focus on what you’re writing while you’re writing it), then you’ll be able to commit the information to memory even better.

>>> Read It Out Loud <<<

Now that you’ve read and written the list down, you can go a step further and read it out loud. Just like reading silently, reading it out loud will help you to become even more familiar with the list. The more senses that you use to memorize the list, the better the chance that you’ll remember it!