How to Model Positive Behavior for Bullies

What would happen if every time a bully was mean to someone, the person would be nice to them? Bullies are known to instill fear in their victims and have others stay away from them. If people would instead be nice to them, and try to talk to them when they are bullying someone, how can this change them? As hard as it can be to be nice to a bully or to try to befriend them, sometimes this is better than what victims can do, which is fear their bullies and try everything to stay away from them. A way to encourage bullies to stop picking on any person is to model positive behavior in order to have them see just how alone they are, because everyone around them is nicer in a way.

Modeling positive behavior around a bully can be hard, since bullies may not deserve a compliment or having anyone talk to them, or noticing them in a positive way. Many parents and students feel as if bullies should not be allowed in school grounds or around others, because they are dangerous individuals. However, to be able to change a bully or to having a positive behavior around them, just might be what makes them change for the better. There are a lot of ways that both students and teachers can have or a more positive behavior around bullies, and this is simply by making sure that bullies do not get to them.

As hard as it can be to not allow what bullies do or say to any person, this is one of the first ways that individuals can model better behavior and perhaps change the way bullies act around other people. Bullies are known to feed off of their victims insecurities and what they are afraid of, if their victims chose to be better and actually showed them compassion or are nicer to them, bullies would take this differently. If any person, teacher or student were to act differently around bullies or talk to them differently, chances are bullies would change the way that they act or spoke to other people. 

The whole point of trying to be nicer or modeling positive behavior in front of bullies is to end the circle of violence and try to chance bullies so that they are not as mean or hard on others. It is very possible to model positive behavior in front of bullies, and many individuals actually change the way that they interact with other people with this change.