How to Model Positive Behavior for Bullies

Are you an educator who has bullies in your school or witnesses bullying here? If this situation applies to you, it is likely that either you have not trained the students to avoid being aggressive or you mistreat them and your fellow school officials. You will learn how to model positive behavior for the bullies in your school.

The first thing you must do is teach them right from wrong. As a teacher, you must instruct your students to keep their hands and feet to themselves and not hit or tease their classmates. Each time you see this type of behavior, you must take action that is swift and firm. It would also be helpful to draw a model on the chalkboard that demonstrates mean behavior and the consequences it brings to both the victim and the perpetrator.

You should consider having the class do role playing. You can divide them into pairs and have them take turns portraying a certain role. For example, they can each pretend to be the victim or the perpetrator then play the opposite role. Having them carry out this process will probably make them see what it is like to be the victim of bullying.

It is imperative to set a good example. No matter how upset you become with students bullying others, you must respect them and not become aggressive with them. For example, you should not shout at them, call them creeps or grab them and remove them from the area through physical force. Instead, you must simply condemn what they are doing in a calm manner then order them to go into the hall or go to the principal’s office.

It is a good idea to teach them to share and look out for others. If any of the kids hog all of the good cafeteria food, you must make them stop. By doing this, you will prevent them from always having their way while getting them to see that others also have the right to gain access to what is available in a public setting.

You must practice self-control and focus on peaceful conflict resolution. It is important to control your anger as some students pick on others. You also must handle any conflicts you have with students and fellow school officials through compromise and reasoning. Taking these steps will help show bullies that it is best to work things out peacefully when other kids do something they do not like.

You have learned how to model positive behavior for the bullies in your school. By following these steps, you can help them shape up.