How to Plan a Great Prom within Budget

Prom night is perhaps the most anticipated night of every teenage girl in America. Naturally, every girl’s dream is to stand out during prom night and be named “prom night queen.” Girls would often “shop till they drop” just to look their best on prom night.

Nevertheless, girls on a budget can still have the perfect prom night. With a little budget and a ton of creativity, you can stand out and have a great prom night.

The following are several tips on how you can look good and have a great prom night on a budget.

Tip 1:  Be bold and unique, pick a dress that perfectly fits not just your figure but also your personality.

Uniqueness is one of the most important elements in fashion. The need to be different is something fashion experts crave for. When choosing a dress for your prom night, pick a dress that is unique and elegant yet cheap.

Similarly, it is also important that your dress matches your personality and fits perfectly with your body figure.

Tip 2: Search for accessories in the most unlikely places – explore the flea markets or unearth treasures hidden on your grandma’s closet.

Accessories such as bags, belts, bracelets, necklaces etc. are also imperative in having a great prom night. Needless to say, accessories can make you look more elegant.

In searching for accessories, you can go to flea markets or even on your grandma’s closet. Chances are, you’ll find unique or even antique accessories that will make you stand out on prom night.

 Tip 3: Have a friend to do your makeup, invent hairstyles that matches your outfit – don’t get fooled by hair salons offering “premium services.”

Having someone do your makeup is a lot cheaper compared to visiting a salon. The makeup done by an amateur isn’t really different from makeup done by a professional. Likewise, it would also be better if you do your hair by yourself.

Tip 4: Instead of paying a hefty amount for pictures, bring your own digital camera.

Picture packages can be extremely expensive especially on prom night. You can cut the cost of this picture packages by brining your own digital camera. You and your friends can take turns taking pictures of yourselves.

Tip 5: Be confident – the prom is not about your dress or your makeup, it’s about you.

Prom night is not about your dress or your makeup, it’s about you. Having the perfect dress or the most elegant hair won’t instantly result to a great prom night. You need to be confident and feel good about yourself in order to have a great prom night.