How to Prepare a Child for High School

Parents and middle school teachers can prepare 8th graders for their transition to high schools in many different ways. The ones that come to my mind are parents must help their children to set goals and stick to them as early as 5th grades, which will help them to develop good habits. Also, reading before going bed and setting evening tasks in math, language arts, thinking skills, science and writing short stories or short descriptive paragraphs are some goals that can be made. It is incumbent upon the parents to check and follow up on their children goals as this will encourage them to meet them every evening. One hour divided into fifteen to twenty minutes based on the timetable you have structure can be of great benefits to your children. This timetable should be fun while learning to form good habits.

 As this will ensure that the children follow through with their goals, hence, they would develop good habits in the future. Second, parents should teach their children to be independent of them and they would exercise this principle at school. However, some of our grade five children will not be honest with themselves because they like to please their parents. When they are told to make a list of things that they would like to do in the evenings, their list have everything except playing in order to please their parents

At this time, parents should encourage their children to include playtime in their list of things to do. This would allow them to have more confident in themselves and to believe that their parents trusted them to balance work and play. This development will be carry over into 6th to 8th grades, thus transfer a set of organized pattern of studying into high schools. Children who learn from early to make good choices build solid foundations that cannot be shaken regardless of what the circumstances maybe.

Children who make good choices do not falter when they become older, neither do they have problems in adjusting to situations. Therefore, the transitions into high schools will be smooth for them. On the other hand, children who were not trained at home to be independent and rely heavily on their teachers for everything. They have difficulty transitioning into high schools. These children sometimes caught up in making bad choices in high school and it is difficult for them to assimilate.