How to Prepare a Child for High School

Transition into high school can be frightening for teens. Students go through different stages as they maneuver the school scene. The change from elementary to middle school is one change that can be trying. Some children even cry when they are transition from elementary to this second step. So it is not a surprise that the change from middle school is also a root of anxiety and stress.

How do you help with the transition?

It is good for the student to have an opportunity to visit the school a few times before jumping in. Help your child to set some goals and have a game plan. There are many things in high school that distract therefore be involved in your child’s transition.

Get to know the professionals in the school

Help your child to get to know the professionals in your school, for example; the principal, vice principals, guidance counselor, nurse or other health care professional. Volunteer at functions in your local school. It’s a good way to be in the know. Many parents miss out on important events and issues that may be important to your child’s education. Many parents don’t realize the power they can have on the events that take place also. For example; some programs require involvement early otherwise your child cannot be involved.

If a student is prepared the transition will be less stressful

Make sure that you give your child space to have a certain amount of independence. After all high school is a very important period in your child’s transition into adulthood and emotional interactions. Nevertheless, being supportive gives your child leverage. Remember don’t be domineering, but do be involved. If you are both aware of certain pivotal points in high school such as, the PSAT and SAT. The period between 9th and 11th are the most important educational. Your child will be tempted to relax, when it is the most critical. By the end of 11th grade or earlier your child will be applying for college so it’s important to help your child to continue to feel excited.

Help your child to see the positive

High school holds a lot of opportunities for your child. Help him or her to see the many instances when change can be positive. There are many classes in high school that are offered that can enhance your child’s life. Throughout the summer your child may have change dramatically. His voice may be deeper or the baby fat may be gone. This is a new opportunity to try new things and put his or her best foot forward. Encourage your child to explore new avenues and be enriched. Not only is this a foundation for college, but also for life. This is a new beginning, maybe your child will get his or her license. Help your child to see many of the positives that are ahead. He just has to reach out and feast.