How to Prepare a Child for High School

Middle school. By the time kids reach their final eighth grade year they are feeling on top of the world. They have been with the same kids since preschool. No worries in the world. They have the school down and they know the trick of each teacher and how to avoid and adapt. But what is the next step? High school. A whole other world. Many different middle-schools will join together to make a new ninth grade class.

Instead of the same old teachers they have had for years they will have to experience new testing standards. Instead of being able to play numerous sports in eighth grade they will be forced to play just one. And everyone knows freshman barely ever play. They go from being top of the barrel to being the bottom of the bushel. Instead of being around preteens they will enter a school where the highest class are adults. Sitting at the back of the school bus is no longer cool, driving your own car to school is. Three full periods will now be added to their schedule as now they have nine periods to have class instead of the seven they are used to. Study hall is a brand new concept.

When your child is making the leap from middle school to high school just remember a few simple things: 1) Let them pick out their own clothes, the parent’s look is no longer “in.” 2) When they are begging you to take them to school but you are too busy, watch out for tricks, anything to avoid riding the “loser cruiser.” 3) If your child plays a sport always tell them that freshmen never play so don’t worry you have three more years to shine, and never be early to pick them up fro practice. 4) When they say they will do their homework in Study hall, don’t believe them. Study hall is filled of girls passing notes, fixing make-up and boys catching up on their sleep from their last class. 5) When you ask them how their day was and they reply “fine”, believe them, high school isn’t that interesting.

The last tip to surviving in the same household with a new high school student is to never, ever, offer to drive them on dates and expect them to accept. Meeting at the movies is the new way of transportation until the beloved license comes into their future.