How to Prepare for Math Exams

Math examinations can often be stressful and nerve wracking. While some stress can actually be a positive motivator, being too nervous or tense can be problematic, but if you have proper advices, mathematics is just “piece of cake”.

Albert Einstein said: “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”. It means you must think to figure out a mathematic problem. However, Thomas Edison has taught us: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”, meaning if you work hard enough, you will find out the solution. Therefore, the best way to be good at math is to do as many exercises as you can. The more you revise, the more problems you encounter. When you do, meet your tuitor, teachers or friends for help. On the other hand, you can solve them by yourself – that’s the best way. By doing that, you won’t have troubles with the math problems you encountered at home when you sit the exam.

However, revising all in one night sounds impossible, imagine when you discharge the water after a relaxing bath, using too much water will result in a sluggish emtying. Hence, it is essential that you pay attention during class, every minute you daydream in class is many more minutes of studying later. Questions about the problems should be asked while in class, and  immediately. Leaving  inscrutable question marks in mind may cause difficulties in doing homework later that night.

Moreover, acknowleging and revising mathematic material cautiously is very important. It is the key to every math problems. Don’t just learn the solution of one typical math problem by heart, learn the way they transform simple formula into problematic questions. Subsequently, put yourself under test condition. It will help you get used to the gloomy atmosphere of the real test. Solve unassigned homework problems and see if you can finish them in the allotted time for the exam. Nevertheless, the most stupid mistakes you might make are those you make when you try to complete with haste.

Forming a study group of 3-4 dedicated students can be really helpful. Not only will other students be able to help you with problems, but by helping others you will better learn the material. If you are unable teach another student a topic you believe you know, chances are you don’t know that topic very well after all. If you can’t teach it, you don’t know it.

Furthermore, making the exam sounds greater than it really is only make you feel anxious about it. Change the way you think about taking tests. A test will not predict your future success or determine your self worth. Changing your attitude can actually help you enjoy studying and learning. You need to remind yourself that it is just a test, don’t freak out, and after the test, you can give yourself a celebration to know that you have tried your best. don’t think bad about yourself, think of all the way you have made, all of the hard work you have done and belive in yourself: you can do it.

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Last but not least, your health is what really matters. You have to make sure you have proper nutrition and enough physical exercises and maintain your own recreational activities. Sleeping is very impotant too. You can’t function at your best if you are tired. Remember to get to the test early and pick out a seat which you found quiet and not disturbed by other candidiates. Do not try to revise what you learned last night once you get to the test, you won’t add anything into your brain.