How to Prepare Students for Life after Graduation

All teachers want their students to succeed. Although they cannot follow their students off into the real world, teachers can help teach those students function effectively once they leave school. Here are some things that teachers can do to prepare their students for life after graduation.

Balance a checkbook

Math teachers can help prepare their students for life after they leave school by teaching them how to balance a checkbook. Knowing how to balance a check book is a skill that students can use in adulthood. This skill will help the students know how much money they actually have in their accounts, and it will prevent them from having to deal with costly overdrafts.

 There are now two ways to balance one’s checkbook. Teachers can introduce students to both the traditional way and the modern way. However, the modern method requires that the student have access to the internet and a bank account. The traditional way is probably the better of the two ways to explain how to balance a check book to high school students. It only requires one to write down their balance and then subtract any checks, electronic withdrawals, or purchases that they have made.  

Budgeting skills

Teachers should teach their students how to create a budget. Budgeting lessons do not have to be difficult. Teachers should simply explain the basics of how to manage money. They should explain to their students how to list their income and then subtract expenses. The students can use income that they actually have from an allowance or a part-time job, or the teacher can use a fictional sum. Teaching them how to budget now will help them to make better financial decisions later.

Resume composition

Whether the students are headed off to college or entering the workforce immediately after high school, they need to know how to write a resume. Teachers should stress to students the importance of putting their full names, addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent contact information on their resume. Teachers can also help their students identify which skills they have that fit the position for which they are applying. Students should include this information on their resume.

Career day

Teachers can host a career day for their students. Teachers can contact local business owners, civil service employees, and other professionals come to the school to discuss what their jobs are like. This will help the students get a true idea of what different job entitles and the level of education that is required for the job.

Effective communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively is an invaluable skill. Teachers should teach their students to speak clearly and to use correct grammar. They should encourage their students to control the volume and tone of their voices when speaking, and they needed to stress the importance of listening.

There are some things that teachers can do to help prepare their students for life away from the classroom. They can ensure that their students have the basic skills that they need in order to function effectively after they graduate from school.