How to Prepare Teens for first Day of High School

Change is constant and inevitable for anyone, and for teenagers one of the biggest changes in their life is transitioning from middle school to high school. It’s a new environment filled with new faces, new challenges and new discoveries.

The beginning of this journey is the first day of school. Your guidance will help them go through this stage of their life with ease. You can start it off by prepping your teens for their first day into the world of high school.

Make them attend the school orientation. Many schools offer freshman orientations, where the incoming students will be given their class schedules, school guidelines and a tour of the campus. With this, the teens will have familiarity with their second home, and thus, save time finding where their classes are. If for some reason the school does not offer an orientation, you can take your child to the school a few days before classes start and do your own tour.

Edit rules and set new ones. Making a few tweaks to your already-established rules like the curfew and study period is a must for any growing child. There’s nothing wrong with assuming that there will be activities they would want to do after school and during the weekends. Make a compromise with them to come up with better rules.

Teach them how to be organized and manage time. Let your teens know how important organization is to prevent added stress when they start working on school projects and dealing with deadlines. Help them learn how to prioritize to be able to manage their time wisely between all their activities.

Encourage exploring their interests. Let them know that if they find a certain activity like soccer, painting or baking, they can tell you and they will have your support. Your opinion matters to them and this is one way they learn how to make decisions. Keep in mind that they might find new things that strike their interest, so assure them that they can come to you to discuss it.

High school is an exciting experience, but it can be daunting as well. It’s a roller coaster in the carnival of life. There are hundreds of things they will be able to learn during this period which will mold them as they grow and become adults.  Remember that along the way they will make mistakes, and it is important to make them aware that they will acquire wisdom from those “road bumps”. Communication is the key, so guide them with love and they will treasure this time of their life forever.