How to Prevent Bullying at School

With this new decade bullying in schools has become tremendously violent. We as society and as parents have the responsibility to find out why someone is being a bully. If we can find the resource then maybe we can get them help. We need to be more informed and more vigilant.

Bullying in school will never end, but maybe just maybe, we can put a stop to someone else getting hurt. The way we stop that, is when we find out someone is being bullied, immediately report it. If the principal/teacher can’t stop the bullying then you need to go to a higher authority. Call the superintendent’s office and make an appointment with your child to get to the bottom of things.

From my personal experience, with my daughter being bullied at school, the first report I made was with the principal and teacher. The principal made the bully sound so innocent, because his parents were high society. I told the principal, if he continues to bullying my child I will automatically go to the police station and make a police report. Then again the child continued to bully my child and I proceeded with the police report. Once the parents received a call from the officer telling them that if their son continued to bullying my child we would press charges. Did the bullying stop? Yes, it did. The bully got counseling and so did the parents.

Not everyone has a happy ending like I did, but I know one thing for sure we need to crack down on bullying in school. Schools need to be better prepared with counselors round the clock. Usually a bully needs someone to talk too. Teachers need to be more aware and open to bullying.

Bullying should be very well addressed, just like sex education, and the say no to drugs education. From my personal experience, as a substitute teacher I noticed that the principal and teacher would just turn the other cheek when they saw bullying in their campus. The more I worked for certain campuses the more I learned about ignoring the violence there. And the reason the principal does that is because she/he will be labeled as the school of violence. The the principal looses respect from the parents and community. Do you see why all of the bullying continues. The principal and teachers have a reputation to maintain.

So we as parents have to get to the bottom of it all. We need to report the violence the minute it starts. We need not to wait and prolong it, or the bullying will get worse. When your child comes to you and has told you something is going down at school make the report to the principal immediately. If you don’t want to be known as the parent who snitched, just call in as the anonymous concerned parent.

Always keep in mind the Columbine massacre. You never want to put any bullying and violence aside, because if you do your child’s school maybe the next target of what happened in Colorado. Your child is the future – never forget that.