How to Promote the value of Reading in High School

It is important that reading is promoted in high schools and this can be done in a variety of ways. It is important for children seeing adults reading, it doesn’t have to be a book it can be a comic or magazine.  Reading is the important but the material needs to be interesting for them.

Adults in a child’s life need to promote reading, if they don’t feel that they have the ability in themselves to do this they need to look to others for support ; this is were a school comes in.  It is at a point in a child’s life when reading and understanding what you have read is important.   Education in high school revolves around writing and reading in a variety of lessons. It is therefore vital for all adults that are involved in the school to be open about what they read and to promote reading.

What is important with reading and peer pressure is that a child reads a book that is suitable to there level because they can pick books that are too hard and pretend to read it because they feel ashamed of their actual reading ability.  This is difficult to assess and to help without giving support to that child.

Any problems in reading should be highlighted before they go to high school and worked upon, but unfortunately there are many problems that cause lower reading ages in children that are not addressed.   Whether it is from lack of funding or the teacher not being qualified in that aspect of teaching it is not a good enough reason for letting down a child.  All the children have the right to learn to read and improve their reading.

Schools can do so much more than they do at the present time.  There are many activities that would benefit many schools.  But it is the time to implement them and the need to carry these forward and not let them slip back into the void of nothing gets done.

Competitions were the teachers and children are all involved and encouraged to read and display that they are able to read and have fun with reading.  The teachers don’t need to have a classic novel on their desks but a few good placed books, posters and article surrounding reading will all help to promote the need of reading in all children and those that are moving on to the next stage of their lives where they will either take reading forward or loose the love of words.