How to Relieve Homework Anxiety

Your child is fidgety and shaking.  He is coming up with one excuse after another to keep form doing his homework.  In fact, just the word “homework” seems to send him into a panic. What your child is experiencing is called homework anxiety. Homework can cause stress and anxiety in some children, and your child seems to be one of them.  So, what can you do to help since homework is a normal part of school? The following things are things you can do to help ease your child’s homework anxiety. 

 First, you need to choose a quiet place to complete homework.  There should not be any distractions such as television or video games.  It should also be away from any other noise that can interrupt your child’s studies.

Next, have a set time to do homework. This will help your child to establish a homework routine and decrease homework anxiety. This block of time should always be used for homework even when none is assigned.  Give your child something educational to do during this time if no homework has been assigned.  This will help to keep him or her on track.  

Be clear about your expectations. Let your child know that you expect them to complete their homework and do not allow them to con their way out of it. 

Allow breaks while doing homework. It is a good idea to let your child have a break every thirty minutes or so.  This will give them time to refresh. It will also help to break long, tedious homework assignments up into segments.

Show them that you are interested in their work. Encourage them as they work and praise them when they complete an assignment. This will convey the message that you think homework is important and that you are supporting them in their efforts to be successful in school.

Be positive. Don’t berate them even if they make a mistake. Let them know that mistakes are normal, but that they are to be corrected.

It is also a good idea to keep in contact with your child’s teacher.  This will enable you to know exactly what the homework is and how to do it.

Homework is a necessary part of school. Teachers use it to reinforce the material that were covered during class or to prepare the students for the next lesson.  Homework should not be feared.  If it is a cause for anxiety, a parent can lessen its effects on their child by using the suggestions listed above.