How to Remain Focused when Revising for Tests

Many students find it difficult to focus when they are revising, yet it is an important part of the study process and preparing for a test.  Revision could be the difference between making the most of your potential or underachieving.  Therefore, it is important to find ways to remain focused when revising.  Here are a few tips on how this can be achieved.  

Prepare for revision

Reading large chunks of texts when revising is something that many students find difficult and they often lose their focus.  If you prepare for your revision in advance, this is something that can be avoided.  In class or study sessions, take lots of notes or highlight the key points in the text.  Many students also find mind maps a quick and easy way of documenting the key information in the text.  Using these methods, it is likely to be much easier to focus when it comes to revision time.  

No last minute revision

It is important to revise well before your test.  If you try to cram all your revision in at the last minute you will hit information overload and find it difficult to focus on what information you need to retain and which is of secondary importance.  Some students find creating a revision timetable helpful so that they can time mange revision slots for different subjects or topics.

Remove distractions

In the average family home there are many distractions that will make focusing on revision difficult.  The telephone ring, the background noise of the television, music playing and other family members talking are all distractions from the task in hand.  To remain focused on revision it is best to find a work space where you can concentrate fully and not be disturbed by others.  Many students shoose their bedrooms as this is their personal space.  However, if you share your bedroom or are still being distracted then there are other options.  Try revising in the local library or staying behind at school or college.

Take a break

Revising can be mentally exhausting.  After a while, the mind starts to wander, you become less tired and you lose your focus on revision.  It is important to take a break from revision; have a walk around and grab something to eat and drink.  Tiredness will prevent you from retaining information as well as losing focus on where you are up to and what the key information is.  In addition to this, it can make your mind overactive meaning that you will find sleep difficult even though you are tired.  This is especially not good the night immediately before an exam.