How to Stay Focused on Homework

Homework. Just one word bringing so much misery in the life of the students. Spending hours and hours just sitting in front of a desk, on top of which lay tons of assignments. The ultimate nightmare for a kid is to stay up late, spending all the free time it has just to be ready for the next day at school. And then frustration finds it’s way in the picture with the thought “I can’t do this! It’s impossible for me to manage this! It’s not for me… I’m dumm.. or stupid…Whatever!” And from there on the battle is almost lost.

But there’s still a chance to learn how to deal with all the homework, to avoid giving up on everything related to it and to stay focused. The key word is “time management”. That means not leaving everything for the last moment, because a lot of people have a tendency of doing just that.  Have you ever noticed that the deadlines of the assignments, tests, essays, etc. in the different subjects are always a day or to apart usually in the end of a semester. So leaving all the work for the last moment simply doesn’t work. It’s better to take it one step at a time. A couple of hours a day are enough far you to learn all the things needed for an A+. In that time you should begin with the things, that are the most difficult to you, because in the beginning the concentration is stronger, you are feeling fresh and relaxed and the frustration isn’t a factor yet. Half an hour later you should rest for a few minutes and maybe drink a glass of water or have a shack, preferably a slightly sour fruit, just so you can refresh yourself. This will give you strength for the battle with the homework. If you get frustrated or are getting a headache simply stop. These will probably stop you from doing anything useful and if you continue pushing, in the end you will give up. Why don’t you just leave it for a while instead of tormenting yourself. Watch some TV, read a book, play a computer game – everything to get your mind off of it. An hour later start again. If you still can’t figure it out sleep on it and let your subconscious work-it’s a surprisingly good-working strategy.

But if it doesn’t work there is one weapon you can certainly use – help. Call a friend, ask him or her to come over and so you can try to figure things out together. After all, two heads work better than one, or if your friend knows what to do, he/she could give you some explanations and show you the mistakes you’re making. Another person you can turn to is your teacher. Tell him what you can’t understand and ask him how to avoid the mistakes you’re making. From my experience, the teachers are always ready to help because: 1. that’s their job – to help students understand, and 2. that shows that you are interested in what they’re teaching and saying, and you want to be better in it – most teachers feel proud because of that.

Of course there are things, which can ruin your concentration. The TV or radio blasting might stop you from focusing on the things you have to do, although soft music has a calming effect on a lot of people. That would be the next advice-stay calm. Maybe you’re angry with your friends, or you cant wait for the party tomorrow? Well, while writing homework, get it out of your head. You should be focused on reading and writing, not thinking about things not even slightly related to this. Another thing you should watch out for is the food. You shouldn’t be hungry, but you also shouldn’t be “Overstuffed” and feeling heavy. When you are comfortable with the way you feel and with your surroundings, it is really easy to concentrate on whatever your assignment is. So before start working clean your desk, leaving only the things you’re gonna work on today, get yourself a nice lamp, especially if it’s dark in the room you’re working. That makes the whole homework-writing process so much easier.

The last advice I’m gonna give you is to try to find the connection between the things you’re writing about. There is logical explanation of everything and seeing it makes the learning process, and with that the writing of homework, a million times easier. Just try to answer to simple questions: “What is happening/happened?” and “Why is it so?”, and you can find the basic principles of any subject, no matter math, science, geography or history. Seeing the reasons and remembering only them can be of a great help not only for schoolers, but for anyone, who wants to learn something new.