How to Stay Focused on Homework

“Homework, with it, we barely have time for ourselves; without it , don’t ever think about being the crème de la crème ” I still remembered those words mentioned numerous times by my primary school teacher after every students in our class had ‘forgotten’ to do our homework after the long term break. Living in an Asian country, we no doubt got caned on our palms as a punishment.

 The term ‘forgotten’ was only an excuse for us students. The truth is, we simply cannot focus during our homework session. Distractions such as our favourite TV show coming on, neighbourhood kids playing and screaming on the street , not to forget those ‘break time’ that we mentally prepared before starting our homework. In fact, today, we tend to goof off by just logging on Facebook or just checking our e-mails.  In a nutshell, we can easily lose focus by doing stuffs that are not enjoyable like homework for example.

Our cell phones and the computer are no doubt the biggest distraction in today’s society. It doesn’t matter when you’re in a lecture or a meeting, the first priority is to switch off your all communication device. Simple as that, switching devices off disconnects you from the outside world will indeed keep unwanted texts and phone calls at bay and prevent you from distraction and losing focus.

Besides distractions from technology, we can’t forget our studying environment that will indeed affect our concentration and focus. Imagine doing your homework in your bedroom, this may seem harmless but the presence of your bed will make you mentally tired. You might just hop onto the bed to take a nap in the middle of your homework without knowing so! We certainly can’t just move our bed out of the room nor can we make ourselves believe that the bed was not even there, instead we should go to another room which have a proper studying environment (No Television, No Radio, No Magazines etc. that can distract you).

No other room for you to do your homework? Try the library, the quiet environment is nonetheless the best place to focus on what you are doing whether it’s homework, a project or just simply reading. The best thing about the library is that you can look up on any information on your particular tasks , therefore you can complete it with ease.

Doing your homework with a partner or a friend will also help you to stay focused and motivated. He or she will prevent you from losing focus on a particular subject but be very sure that the person will not distract you from your task by over-interacting like talking too much that is irrelevant to what you are doing right then. This is very crucial while picking a buddy to do your homework with. Make a deal with him or her to snap each other out if you or your friend spent too much time goofing off and neglecting your homework.

 Experts say that studying or doing your homework while listening to music will help you stay focused. Nothing wrong with that, but please take note that you don’t want to listen to the type of music that will make you start to sing-along and eventually lose it just like that. Only listen to music that has no lyrics or vocals, just instrumental sounds. But don’t go blasting the volume till you can’t hear your own voice, only listen to it with a soft tone and no earphones please!

Lastly, reward yourself after completing your homework by giving yourself sometime to relax like a nap or watch some TV. Let’s just all faced it ,homework seems like a piece of cake, but staying focus is the hardest part of them all.