How to Stop a mean Girl

The bullying factor between girls is just as bad as bullying in general. It needs to stop, because it is hurting too many girls in too many places. There are many girls that deal with the results from bullying and have life threating results from this. The worst part about this is that all of the comments and feelings stay with a person for a long time. This is what makes this an even bigger problem altogether because many girls are already suffer from eating diseases and also bad habits that are constantly putting their health in jeopardy.

More than half of the of the teenage girls today have severe body problems and self esteem issues that are brought on by other girls bullying and their  comments. These are all factors that highly influence and have severe mental and physical results and side effects. “Mean girls” are usually those who think they are the best and who think they can bully anyone that is not up their standards. This is a problem in most schools that can easily be fixed if the person simply puts some thought into it and knows how to counsel and help these girls all over. 

The best solution to stop people like these is to have them see how much they hurt others and how their comments and thoughts can change. There is a lot to say about a person that can change their personality at the end and make things better for those around them. some of these girls think that they can hurt anyone as they please and that their actions do not have any consequences to them, but in reality there are consequences to their actions, especially in high school than what they think. The worst part of this is how often they mark people who think are less than what they are.  

This view of people is often wrong and it hurts for many to think. that there is such a thing as bullying in schools and that this is a bigger problem overall. For many reasons there is a lot more to know about this issues that school officials should know about, one of the is how to stop this problem and how to come up with a solution. More schools are implementing answering questions that some students have about why bullying in general happens. This helps many students open up about their lives and also how they view others.