How to Stop a School Bully

Kids all get bullied sometime in all of their school career. There are ways to know how to avoid being bullied. Bullies may find it fun but it is actually not fun to another person. Saying stop is only what will not work. Even going to the teacher or an adult will not work. This is because not every time an adult will be there to help you to stop the bully. It is up to you to stop that bully and never get bullied.

The only reason that most get bullied is that they are afraid. When you happen to be afraid, the bully think it is fun or makes them feel tough. There are many ways which you can stop a bully, they will do everything they can to harm you or do anything you don’t like. They are sort of like a pest or germ that will not go away. Most of us have been bullied and there are ways to stop a school bully. For some, it can actually be for saying stop and others it is to ignore them. There are stages to pass through to stop a bully.

The first stage will be to say stop for something you don’t like and that makes you feel bad. Staying stop will not always work because the bully will possibly ignore you. Saying stop will actually make things worse in some cases since that they will be: like what if I don’t? Ninety nine percent of the bullies are actually real softies. Some will just threaten to do something to you, but they will not actually do it. They only want you to think that they are going to do it to you.When you fight back, it is always in words and never in fists. The meaning of this is that not to use physical abilities, but more like mentally abilities.

The second stage is to actually say something. The most important thing is ask the person, why they are doing it? If they say an actual reason, then well try to be friendly. Unless if they say something like: Because I feel like it, it is not good enough. They will most likely try to pressure you, and in this case you must learn to reverse the pressure. They will most likely to ask you to bring your homework for them. Say to them that what will happen if you don’t bring it. They will most likely say that they will beat you up or something similar. Notice that they are only trying to get you to be afraid. Do not be afraid and tell them to go ahead. Say something like: then I’ll just have to show my parents what you did to me after you beat me up.

Bullies will most likely not do it because they do not want to be in trouble. They can actually be suspended for doing what they are doing to you so simply do not be afraid and reverse the pressure. Saying no is a big part to this whole bully stopping thing. When you don’t like something, simply say no.