How to Stop a School Bully

They say that you learn about life in the school ground and unfortunately bullying in as rife in society as it is in the school environment. The school bully is a necessary evil. However, the extremes of anything is dangerous and the extremist ‘school bully’ is no different. Not only does it greatly affect the victim, it begins to affect the community when, in this litigating society, people turn to civil suits to compensate their anguish as well as achieve recognition for the plight of themselves and for others, still trapped within the bullies clutches.

Trying to break the cycle of torment, that is exerted on them by the ‘school bully’ on an every day basis, can affect not only a child’s self esteem but also their future academic path. The anxiety that exists whilst a child is subject to the bullying process leaves little room for them to effectively concentrate on their work. They become more focused on their own survival of the taunts and assaults, while desperately trying to find a way to win the friendship of the ringleader, hoping that this will make the torment cease. It is to no avail, as the bully tends to feed on this behavior and the child becomes subject to a more intense campaign against them by the ‘bully’.

The child, will many times try to enlist the assistance of the faculty and their parents, trying to arrest the happenings, but as many have experienced this is often met with unfavourable responses. The classic “Just walk away”, and the “Ignore them”, approaches to attacks by a bully are worn out and useless in the face of the reality. The more a child tries to draw attention to the issue with the school the more the attacks increase. The more a child cries, the more the attacks increase; the school bully feeds off fear and the more of this they witness the more incessant they become on witnessing it. It is plainly and simply a primitive response to a battle of the fittest.

There is only one way that a child can defend themselves against the school bully assaults . Part of a child’s early education must be about self preservation and when this is firmly implanted within the Psyche of the child they seem to not exhibit the characteristics of a person who would be readily victimized. For the child that it would be classed as being too late to make use of that, it would be best to advise the child on manners of self defence and encourage them to fight fire with fire. Now, many advocates of the non-violence persuasion may well and truly jump up and down, sprouting the virtues of a peaceful resolution to this dilemma, but one has to put to them, as was stated at the beginning of this article, the school yard is a miniature world and as we see in it’s parent counterpart, sometimes you need a pre-emptive strike to quell any bully, school yard included.