How to Stop a School Bully

School bullies are mostly known for instilling fear in students when they pick on the insecurities and weaknesses of their classmates. This is a serious problem that most schools have not completely dealt with or even noticed, since most of the time, students do not report the bullying in their school. Bullies are known to pick on the noticeable weaknesses or disabilities that certain students have. The main reason why some students take bullying too far is simply because they either do not think they can get caught, or because there is no one that thinks about telling them to stop their behavior, or tells them exactly what they are doing to others. 

The best way to stop a bully or bullying in school is to not be afraid of talking to the person as they start their “reign” of fear. As strange and probably unbelievable as it may sound, most bullies pick on their classmates because no one is willing to really talk to them, so they look for attention any place where they can get it. This is true about basically every bully that picks on those that cannot or wont defend themselves. In most cases, bullies stop picking on others when they are finally being heard by someone, or when they are confronted by a school official.

To stop a school bully, students or children usually tell someone about the constant unwanted attention that they get from their classmates, or they just avoid the bully altogether. Avoiding the bully does not necessarily mean that the person is afraid, in fact those who actually avoid bullies tend to send a much louder message to them by saying that “they are not scared of them”. 

There are many other techniques that students can use to stop school bullies from picking on them, or other students in the same school. As hard as it is to believe, many of these options are as simple as just calling attention to the problem, in such a way that most of the school is aware of the problem and manages to bring the problem of bullies to school officials attention. School bullies are known for more than just picking on others, they are also known to demean students, pick on their insecurities to such an extent that they are just not able to  handle of all of the unwanted attention and begin to feel self conscious. 

This is a problem for most students when they have low self esteem and personal issues altogether. But the best solution is to simply look for a way to end the problem and ask for help before the bullying gets out of hand,